Meet Philippe Starck

Meet Philippe Starck

The STARCK Collection
Philippe Starck

When I first saw Maison Berger's new collection designed in collaboration with Philippe Starck, I was instantly captivated. Curious to learn more about the mind behind such intriguing designs, I did a deep dive into this world-renowned French designer. I'm sure you'll find his wide-ranging creative career as fascinating as I do.

Honestly, it’s hard to summarize the work of such a prolific creator! As the man behind works from the iconic Ghost Chair to the golden-flame-topped Asahi Beer Hall in Tokyo, Starck has over 10,000 creations in a career spanning more than five decades. And at age 73, Starck continues to innovate and earn accolades. Although he is known chiefly as an industrial designer and architect, his designs span disciplines, from the private apartments of the French president to the Optical Mouse for Microsoft to mega-yachts and a charging station for Bentley’s hybrid SUV. Across all of these accomplishments, his commitment to functionality and to making his designs as accessible as possible shines through.
Ghost Chair
Photo: Starck

Starck has received far too many awards and accolades to list, including titles bestowed by the French government. His works are exhibited in major museums worldwide, including the Guggenheim and MoMA in New York. However, despite the prestigious accolades and exhibitions, Starck is driven by a philosophy of democratic design, making his creations accessible to everyone. With a mission to improve people’s everyday lives, he rejects the idea of design for design’s sake. To that end, he has lent his remarkable talent to elevating everyday objects, such as a juicer, smartphones, and bionic eyewear, to iconic status. In recent years, he has transitioned to responsible design, experimenting with sustainable materials as well as developing solar-powered boats, wind turbines, and electric bikes.

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As a child, Starck spent most of his time in his mother’s perfume shop, where fragrance, “…the most powerful vehicle for the mind and the unconscious," helped to inspire his creativity. In a logical return to his roots, Starck turned his sights on the “fabulous world that only perfume can offer” in 2016. Working with leading perfumers, including Annick Menardo and Dominique Ropion, he based his first three scents—the fresh Peau d’Ailleurs, woody Peau de Pierre, and floral Peau de Soie—on memories from childhood. Now, in 2022, Starck is bringing his singular home accent design aesthetic to his line of fragrances in another major collaboration, this time with Maison Berger Paris. With nine home fragrance vessels and his perfumes reinterpreted for the home, this collaboration showcases a shared love of fragrance and ingenious design. What a fabulous and accessible way to add his elegant design and fine French perfume to your space!
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I am utterly amazed and inspired by Philippe Starck’s seemingly limitless innovation and creativity! I can’t wait to purchase one of his gorgeous new home fragrance products and bring a little of his aesthetic into my home. I have my eye on the Pink Mist Diffuser. I know that I will feel inspired every time I look at it, especially now that I can more fully appreciate the creative innovator behind its design. Which piece from this iconic French designer will you choose?


Martha Slocombe is a translator and copy writer who lives in Montréal, Canada with her husband, two sons, two cats and dog. She started writing for Maison Berger in 2020 and quickly became a huge fan. Martha’s favorite fragrances include Winter Joy, Lavender Fields, and Ocean Breeze. When not running after her family, Martha can be found reading, gardening, and baking. Her favorite fragrances in her garden include rose, lavender, and lilac.


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