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How to Give the Perfect Wedding Gift

May 11, 2022

Choosing a wedding gift can be a challenge! Wedding registries make life convenient, but then someone else reserved that item you wanted to gift first....options are slim. Cash is always appreciated, but how much? Quickly, the fun of gifting flies out the window.

Why not gift an heirloom in the making? Maison Berger Paris has unique, design-forward gifts ⁠—made in France. What’s more, Maison Berger’s lamps all have a dual function of purifying and perfuming air, making them ideal household items. With so many options, you’ll be sure to find a timeless gift that reflects the newlyweds’ unique partnership. Here is a curated selection of gifts designed to be used every day, while standing the test of time.

For the Sophisticates

Alpha Scandalous Plum Lamp Gift Set w/ Under the Olive Tree

Inspired by Ancient Greek architecture, this stately lamp appeals to even the most sophisticated couple. The deep color and mysterious woody fragrance add to its elegant effect.
For the Romantics

Facette Black Reed Diffuser w/ Cotton Caress

Lovers will adore the unabashed romance of this delicate reed diffuser in an inky hue. Shaped like an old-fashioned vial, this piece diffuses our comforting Cotton Caress fragrance.
For the Perfume Lovers

Indulge the perfume-loving couple with an iconic French perfume captured in a home fragrance. For this fragrance, Maison Berger partnered with designer Lolita Lempicka to interpret her signature gourmand scent. What’s more, this whimsical lamp can also be used to diffuse our other scents.
For the Minimalists

Speak to the minimalist couple’s understated aesthetic with a lamp that embodies purity. With a simple, clean, and immaculate design, this lamp is accompanied by our Pure White Tea fragrance.
For the Pragmatists

The perfect gift for newlyweds who value both beauty and function! They will love using this clear, understated lamp to purify their air with or without scent. Our popular Ocean Breeze fragrance and unscented air purifying solution complete this gift set.
No matter the couple getting married, Maison Berger has the perfect wedding gift! Browse our website for even more inspiration.