Cercle Scented Candle - Exquisite Sparkle - 180 g


A shimmering scented interlude… a festival of scents just waiting for you.

Scent: Exquisite Sparkle

The Cercle scented candle with the exquisite Sparkle fragrance, with its translucent plum-colored glass body, lets its white vegetable wax shine through. Its interior is lacquered in a light gold hue for a touch of brightness, while the hot-stamped Maison Berger Paris logo gives it a chic and refined feel. These new shades embellish your interior and give it a warm aura in this beautiful winter season. 

Once the flame is lit, its exquisite smell will fill the room to create a most festive atmosphere. The zesty exuberance of grapefruit combines with the airy and woody aromas of patchouli, supported by sparkling accords. An invitation to share during this effervescent time of the year. Give it pride of place in your decor, in the center of a table, on a pretty living room piece of furniture ... it will certainly make a splash.

This candle gives you a duration of 38 hours of diffusion, enough to accompany you all the evening.

  • 100% natural botanical and vegan wax (soy), without GMOs, for cleaner burning
  • Cotton wick specifically plaited for the format of the candle
  • Green and sustainable artisanal manufacturing
  • Fragrances created by French master perfumers, solid-poured to ensure controlled and homogeneous burning
  • Patented molecule to neutralize bad odors
  • Intense perfuming for up to +/- 38 hours



  • For even burning: do not blow out the candle until the entire surface is liquid.
  • For a cleaner-burning: before each use, adjust the length of the wick (1 cm roughly) by cutting it.
  • To preserve the candle: when not in use, do not expose it to temperatures that are too high.

Dimensions (HxWxL)
9 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm (3.5 x 3 x 3 in)
Regulatory Information
Containing: tetrahydrolinalol, linalyl acetate, benzyl salicylate, coumarin, cyclamen aldehyde, 1- (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydro-2,3,8,8-tetramethyl-2 -naphthyl) ethan-1-one, 2- (4-tert-butylbenzyl) propionaldehyde, 3- (p-cumenyl) -2-methylpropionaldehyde. May cause an allergic reaction.
Burning Duration
Up to +/- 38 hours
180 grams


Exquisite Sparkle

It all begins with the invigorating burst of grapefruit zest, followed by the elegance and sweetness of a floral bouquet. Lastly, the base notes are exhilarating and fruity... The Exquisite Sparkle Home Fragrance is the perfect illustration of celebration. It is the laughter of shared joy, the melody of fragrant happiness, Christmas celebrated with elegance and exuberance.





Patchouli, Rose, Lily of the valley


Violet, Musk, Sparkling Wine

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