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Father's Day Gift Guide

31 mai 2022

My favorite photo of my family is from a few years ago. My youngest son, no more than six months old, is snuggled in my husband’s lap. My eldest sits next to them, a slight smile revealing the dimple in his left cheek. And our big blond dog is resting his head on my husband’s shoulder. It’s not a posed picture, but what I treasure is the love it captures. Two boys—and a dog—secure in the knowledge that their dad will do anything for them. Some of us are lucky enough to have dads who make us feel that way—safe, loved, supported. And it’s not just dads who father—it’s also the teachers, coaches, uncles, grandfathers, and friends who show up for us. No matter what kind of dad or dad figure you have, or what they have taught you, they deserve to be celebrated. We have curated a list of gift ideas to help you honor your dad and your unique relationship.

For the Kitchen Pro
Alpha Lamp Gift Set

If your dad is like my husband, he shows his love by cooking for his family. He’s never too busy to whip up his amazing meat sauce for our boys. This lamp with a design inspired by Greek architecture in a deep shade of blue would be a stylish way keep his favorite room smelling great after a long day in front of the stove.

For the Bon Vivant
Olympe Lamp

My husband says this joyful, sparkling fragrance reminds him of childhood trips to Europe. Treat your dad to the sophistication of a European jaunt with this contemporary lamp and effervescent aroma.

For the Grillmaster

We all know the dad who loves to grill! Make sure that he doesn’t have to worry about bug bites with a fragrance lamp that keeps pests away.

For the Dog Dad
Anti-Odor Pet Cube Reed Diffuser

My dog’s number one favorite person is his dad. And the feeling is mutual. With this reed diffuser, we can enjoy our most loyal friend’s company without worrying about unwanted smells.

For the Car Expert

Under the Olive Tree Car Diffuser Kit
Dads deserve nice things too! Gift your dad a unique car diffuser and elegant fragrance to elevate the interior of his favorite ride.

For all that you do and all that you are, we at Maison Berger want to wish all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day! For my part, I think my husband might be getting a framed copy of my favorite photo along with a treat from Maison Berger!