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Usher in Spring with Green

Usher in Spring with Green

15 mars 2022

At Maison Berger, Saint Patrick’s Day has us thinking all things green! Green evokes nature, prosperity,  and health—and especially Spring renewal. And with Spring right around the corner, now is the time to breathe fresh life into your home décor. Celebrate what you love most about this time of year with these touches of green.
For pure air
Diamant Green Lamp
This elegant art deco-inspired vessel can be filled with any Maison Berger lamp refill. Enjoy your favorite fragrance as you purify your air (the French way). Looking for a gift for dad or your best man? Anyone would love to receive this fresh, versatile lamp!
For air imbued with a fresh, green aroma
This uplifting, aromatic fragrance fills your home with the natural scents of fresh-cut grass and tea. And if you already love it in your catalytic lamp, why not discover other ways to enjoy it? With our reed diffusers and refills, you could be greeted by your favorite fragrance the instant you walk through the door! 
For an illuminated space
Land Moss-Green Candle
Spring is a season of awe—the trees are suddenly laden with buds and new shoots seem to rise from the earth overnight. Celebrate nature and all its wonders with this scented candle. The mossy hue captures the subtle beauty of a forest floor, while the Wildflower scent is woodsy and floral.
For continuously scented air
Dare Green-Blue Reed Diffuser
We all feel renewed energy in the Spring, as if possibilities are opening before us. Capture that feeling of fresh vitality with this reed diffuser that adds a pop of saturated color and pre-filled zesty, sparkling aroma to your home.
Which of our green Maison Berger Paris products most say Spring to you?