Lychee Paradise Reed Diffuser Fragrance - 200 ml (6.7oz)


A scent from elsewhere that relates to far-off adventures or joyful stopovers on exotic shores...The promise of euphoria in a light and subtle way!

The Lychee Paradise Home Fragrance depicts eternal, sparkling and impertinent youth, like this green apple that is revealed in the top notes. From the beginning, watery fruits offer a glimpse of an elixir of youth. Then comes the ultra-feminine heart, where lychee expresses its full complexity. It emphasizes a discreet floral bouquet with a rosy joyfulness and a subtly sweet scent. A few marine notes convey additional watery freshness. The base narrates a dreamed-of elsewhere, lush nature, a paradise in pink and white that settles on a subtly sweet coconut base. Perfume secret Due to its scarlet color, rounded shape and Asian origins, the lychee is nicknamed “Chinese cherry”. This two-thousand year-old fruit is appreciated for its delicate sweetness, juiciness and mildness, similar to grape. In taste, it is praised for its lightness and high vitamin C content; in perfumery, it is celebrated for its ultra-feminine dimension, its subtlety and its refinement.

  • Diffusion time approximately 8 weeks


  • Use the Essential Pur-Neutral Home Air Fragrance to clean your burner between two scents or to modulate the intensity of your scent by diluting it.
  • The use of perfumes other than those of Maison Berger can seriously damage your burner.

6.7 ounces
Regulatory Information
Isopropanol. Highly flammable liquid and vapour. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause drowsiness or dizziness.
8 weeks


Lychee Paradise

It all begins with a little bit of impertinence with green apple stealing the show, reinforced with notes of watery fruits. Then a bouquet of white flowers is revealed, harmoniously blending with rose. Their lightness complements the delicate fragrance of lychee, a small, mellow and juicy fruit whose wateriness is added to with a few marine notes. Lastly, for even more luxuriance, the enveloping scents of coconut tinted with peach.

Head Notes

Melon, Lemon, Apple, Eucalyptus

Heart Notes

Grapefruit, White flowers, Rose, Lychee

Base Notes

Peach, Musk, Coconut

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